Our turn-key services offers outstanding savings and convenience to our clients in terms of mobilization, control, and cost concurrently.



Who We Are

Led by Mr. Loong Chay Wan and Mr Alson Loong, Loonglobal Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 2010 and has since grown to a staff and labour force size of more than 150 personnel, with a stake in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Loonglobal Engineering Pte Ltd is a Process Construction and Maintenance company with a core business in Scaffolding, Insulation, and Painting. It is also a Fireproofing Contractor.

Some of the clients it provides its services to are Process, Pharmaceutical, Waste management plants, Power-plants as well as some of the latest data centres in Singapore.

Loonglobal is highly specialised in insulations, which takes up a major portion of its total annual sales. 

The company has been a MOM approved Scaffold Contractor since 2015, with a team of experienced and skilled employees, providing scaffolding services. Painting or protective coating services are being provided to help prevent steel corrosion. Certain procedures like Blasting are done to ensure structures are well prepared for painting. Tests and inspections are carried out to maintain the high-quality delivery of its painting services.

Our Mission

We commit to be present, dependable and reliable for long-term relationships and provide the highest quality of service to address all our customers' needs.

Core Values

We pride ourselves to uphold the values of Esprit De Corps, Safety, Integrity, Innovation and Customer Experience.

Our Vision

To be a Leading Service Provider for Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Power Plant industry globally. We also strive to consistently IMPROVE and INVEST in latest technologies to vastly improve our efficiency and productivity. With high-technological machines and products, we will be able to provide our clients with the best workmanship quality and commendable work productivity.


2010 Loonglobal Engineering was founded by our current Managing Director, Mr Loong Chay Wan. Our office was located at 18 @ Tradehub 21 with only 8 employees specializing in only insulation works.
2012 Under the leadership of Mr Loong, Loonglobal secured a major contract under Samsung ‘GMR 2x400 MW CCP Project’. At her peak, Loonglobal has up to 180 employees while handling this major project alongside with few maintenance contracts. Loonglobal has also acquired the ISO9001:2015 certification, with a quality management system in place. Loonglobal is able to ensure their clients to get consistent, good quality products. At the same time this year, Loonglobal acquired a factory unit at Soon Lee for fabrication and storage purposes.
2013 Loonglobal introduced the all new high tech pre-fabrication machine for high productivity and precision cutting. This major investment into the machine allows Loonglobal to automate the fabrication system and produce almost 5x more boxes on a daily basis. Mr Alson Loong also joined the business to assist his father in his business endeavors.
2014 Loonglobal has expanded into the blasting and coating industry, with staffs being trained by SSPC trainers. (‘Society for Protective Coatings’) Loonglobal has thus became a member of the SSPC association to provide high quality workmanship with stringent quality control.  Loonglobal also awarded the highest level of safety level, ‘bizSafe Star’ certification from WSH.
2015 Loonglobal received the ‘approved scaffolding license’ from Ministry of Manpower, giving the company approval to erect scaffolding works for various projects across different industries.
2016 With the capabilities of SIP trade (scaffolding, insulation and painting) , Loonglobal is able to take on a direct project in Shell Marina. During this period, Loonglobal also acquired another unit at Eco-Tech @ Sunview for fabrication and storage purposes.
2017 Loonglobal expanded into Malaysia, Johor. Loonglobal secured an insulation/painting package in (Petronas) Rapid Malaysia, Pengarang. With the Malaysia team led by Mr Alson, Loonglobal went on to secure different packages under Samsung and Mitrajaya as well.
2019 Loonglobal completed one of her largest tank insulation in Singapore Refining Company. With a diameter of 54 metres, Loonglobal manage to successfully complete the insulation and received compliments for the good quality of works.

Loonglobal acquired another land in Banyan Drive, Jurong Island under JTC. With this facility, Loonglobal is able to provide a more timely and efficient service to our clients in Jurong Island. She also completed major shut downs in Shell Bukom during this year.

2021 By committing to her clients with timely delivery and high quality works, Loonglobal purchased 2 more units in Soon Lee to ease congestion and to allow her fabrication works to be done in a more spacious and comfortable manner.