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Anti Corrosive Coating Application

Anti Corrosive Coating Application

Painting Works

Prevent steel corrosion by painting the surface of your structures. A three-coat system consisting of primer, undercoat(s), and finish coats is used. Before painting, blasting to remove mill scale, rust, and metal flakes can be performed to ensure proper adhesion of paint materials and the life of the coating system. Depending on the client’s needs, blast pots, blast rooms, or auto-blast shops may be used. The main product range for Painting Works include Hempel Coating and Jotun Paint.

Work Experiences

ECO Special
Waste Management Pte Ltd
Eco waste Plant Tuas Scaffolding 2016 - ongoing
Afton Chemical
Asia Pte Ltd
Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd Jurong Island Scaffolding 2017~ 18
Rotary IMC Pte Ltd Vopak Sebarok Terminal Pulau Sebarok Scaffolding 2018~ 19
Engineering Pte Ltd
Givaudan Jurong Island Scaffolding 2019
Singapore Petroleum Company Limited SPC Plant Pulau Sebarok Scaffolding 2019 - ongoing
Rotary IMC Pte Ltd CHAFI Changi Scaffolding 2020 - ongoing
Pioneer Environmental Technology Pte Ltd NSL Oil & Chemical Plant Tuas Scaffolding 2020 - ongoing