Our turn-key services offers outstanding savings and convenience to our clients in terms of mobilization, control, and cost concurrently.


Loonglobal believes that any Company is only as good as the people it recruits. It has also emphasized the fact its performance always depends on its ability to attract and retain qualified workforce.

Esprit De Corps, is one of the core values in Loonglobal work culture. Loonglobalers have a common spirit to strive and promote group cohesion among ourselves, we are also loyal to our each other which then makes it easier and more efficient to work towards a common goal. We consider our workforce as our greatest assets. We aim to be a pacesetter in securing high standards of living conditions for our employees and their families.

Loonglobal has developed the necessary organisational tools through its Human Resources Department, actively working with top management to :

Recruit and retain talents

Promote mobility and career development

Improve organisational effectiveness

Improve organisational effectiveness


If you are interested to be part of our team , please email in to enquiries@loonglobal.com.sg.

Include the position title in the subject line.

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